IELTS – Test taker performance in 2015

Romanian Doctors who were looking for a job in the UK contributed to this ranking: 3rd place at the Academic version of the test.

“IELTS is assessed on a 9-band scale and reports scores both overall and by individual skill. Overall band scores for Academic and General Training test takers in 2015 are shown here, together with scores for individual skills according to a variety of classifications. These figures are broadly in line with statistics for previous years.”

I will present only the information regarding the Academic version of the test because this is the one of interest for Doctors who want to work in the United Kingdom and need to sit the exam in order to get the Licence to Practice from the GMC.


Top 3: Mean band overall score for the most frequent countries or regions of origin

1st place: GERMANY: 7.3 

2nd place: GREECE: 6.9 


Top 3: Mean band overall scores for the most common first languages (*First language as self-chosen by test takers drawn from a wide range of nationalities)

1st place: German: 7.4

2nd place: Polish: 7.0

3rd place: English, Filipino and Romanian: 6.9 

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