EU Doctor from Romania working in the NHS and the Brexit

We got in touch with Ana after a conversation about the EU referendum results from the United Kingdom. She was nice to share her impressions with HEKA Recruitment’s followers and we thank her for that.

“Ana-Maria is my name and I have been part of the NHS, as an EEA Doctor, since 2012.  Working and living in England gave me so many opportunities and skills which I am very proud of. I love my speciality, Acute Medicine, and being part of a busy team who is fully dedicated to the patient’s care.

Before graduating university back in Romania I was dreaming to move to England and maybe work here. My dream came true, it wasn’t easy as I had to leave my friends and family back home and start over in a new country. Luckily my English skills saved me, I made friends soon and I started to find my way around.

NHS is very different than other health care systems in the world, as I do have friends working over in Germany, France, Canada or Spain and I have heard about some aspects. Is a busy healthcare system, where the main goal is patient’s safety and patient’s care. I have learned to do my job with all my dedication and using my skills at maximum, also learning new skills and continuously develop myself as a person and as a doctor.

In this country doctors are better paid than in Romania, so this is different for anyone who comes here.  Then you have this stability and you can afford buying things or travelling, and looking after your family as well. You are continuously encouraged to learn and progress and to deliver the best care for your patients. There is a lot of opportunity for courses and research.  I have done so many projects and courses that back in my country I know I would not have the access.

My experience here in this healthcare system, as every other EEA Doctor would say, is significantly valuable, the chances I got to develop myself as a Doctor were huge, you only need the ambition and just take every opportunity offered. I cared for my patients even though they were not speaking my native language, I was rewarded and highly appreciated by my colleagues, staff members and directors.

I don’t regret spending these years over here, but yes: with the current political events happening, for non- British doctors is not clear what’s going to happen next. I used to have colleagues from Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Bulgaria, and far more other countries. We are all part of the NHS and we only want to save lives and enjoy what we are doing as part of the community.  I hope we, as doctors we will be able to stay and continue our jobs in the NHS, but on the other side the political situation brings up also negative feelings from some people and this is not good for us, for everyone. If I won’t be able to bring my family over or to bring my friends over, I will found it really difficult for me.  Also I love travelling and if this political situation will affect me taking holidays in Europe, I would feel very disappointed.  Maybe at some point I might be thinking to relocate in another country, but is still early. Let’s all keep our calm and keep doing the great work we are doing for so long.”

Ana-Maria C.

Ana & NHS

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